Success Stories

Kayla B.

I have never been one to blog, but this journey is going to be something I want to share with others! July 3rd, Chase texts me saying that we should leave our current gym (that we hardly visit) and join Workout Anytime. My initial reaction was, “Yeah, and waste more money on a gym membership that we will never use?” These days, gyms are not very personable and their main goal is to get your monthly membership fee, so of course I was skeptical.

Erin P.

I joined the gym last week and I am so impressed by the cleanliness of the gym and the staff. Ashli has gone above and beyond to be helpful. Ken's knowledge and professionalism surpasses most trainers I have ever met. I have worked in the fitness business for years. I will highly recommend my friends to come and give your gym a try!! By the way, I still have a membership to another gym and really wasn't looking for a new one, but I saw this place and came in just to look around. Very Impressive!!

Zach G. - Yelp Review

I've been a member for a few years now. After I injured my ankle that required surgery, I gained a bunch of weight. Got up to my heaviest around 200 (I'm only 5'6) and used Workout Anytime as my home base for strengthening my ankle and shedding pounds. Now that they have one in Cool Springs I go there and to the one in Bellevue so I can workout during lunch while at work or near the house out in Bellevue.